Areas of Expertise APICO business strategy consists of using its versatile expertise to offer customized solutions and build long-term relationships with its clientele based on mutual trust and benefits. Our expertise allows us to effectively serve and meet the requirements of a wide range of business sectors such as Food, Automotive, Construction, and Retail. We adopt throughout our production process the highest quality-standard system, hence assuring full customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves with a broad scope of knowledge that covers many areas, including the processing of plastics, molds and their components, resins, colorants and additives, and parameters as well as the various types of interactions between these factors.

We are experts in operating semi-automatic and full-automatic two-plate and three-plate runner less and hydraulic core pull molds for the Thermoplastic Injection Molding sector. Our Company produces Custom-Molded Crates, Battery Containers and accessories, and more. We also make customized plastic parts and offer skillful plastic injection services based on samples, blueprints or specifications provided by the clients.

We have wide range of plastic processing machines with being imported from Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Far East Asian countries

Under The Motto “Quality First”, APICO Has Developed An Advanced Quality-control And Assurance System, Hence Earning An ISO-9001 :2008 Awarded For Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing Of Thermoforming Extruded Sheets & Films, Blow Molding & Injection Molding Plastic Products. Certification For High-quality Standards From Bureau Veritas. Certificate number ind 10.3123 date 09 October 2010. We are approaching the future with confidence, focusing in our strategic objectives on creating innovative quality products and offering world-class services that cater to our customers specific requirements and aspirations. Our engineering department staffs, Product Designers of product Development have the specialized knowledge necessary to transform our customers specific product needs into well designed quality plastic parts.